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-  A magazine article features the work of this ministry.   Click here.

--  Recruitment:  Please spread the word about the availability of this training.  We would like to see one or more trained, emergency services chaplains in every city and town in the USA and around the world. Our training is offered on a donation basis.  Every community needs a Christian chaplain..  

--  Are you a mandated reporter?   If so, you MUST report any reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect of children or the elderly.   

--  The Book of Acts comes alive.  

Written under the pseudonym , Joshua Adams, the book “A Cop and His God” records the life and spiritual adventures of  a cop in the southwest.  It read like a modern day  Book of Acts.  Check it out at the following website:  www.acopandhisgod.com     

Disaster Response

Chaplains Response to Disasters

Tuscaloosa, AL  -  Many chaplains responded to the needs of emergency responders and citizens in the wake of the devastating tornadoes that hit the southeastern United States.  Emer Serv Chaplains are trained to provide emotional and spiritual care in times of disaster.  

    A family of five saw their oldest son, an eight year old, taken up into the twister as his dad reached out to grab him.  As the rest prayed, the boy reported gently “floating” back to earth.   Saved, by the grace of God.

Joplin, MO -  Chaplains responded to this disaster, too.  Pictures and television accounts do not do it justice.  Chaplains provided care to citizens in crisis and the emergency workers affected by what they saw and did.  The nature of this work has some negative effects.

     These chaplains walked the streets, listening to responders and citizens.  Many a tear was shed and many prayers were offered.